Cohen Admits He Would Lie If It Affected Him Personally


The Michael Cohen testimony and Donald Trump’s Manhattan trial get more ridiculous by the hour. Earlier in the day, he admitted he stole $30,000 from Donald Trump and covered it up with a lie.

However, Michael Cohen had an excuse for all this. He stole the money because he knew it was owed to him, and he felt he deserved a bonus.

After admitting he stole $30,000 from Trump and lied to the CEO about it, he also said he would lie to the jury if it affected his personal life. He has certainly proven that.

That occurred during an exchange with Trump‘s lawyers, Todd Blanche and Cohen. The reporter who published the exchange works for The Gateway Pundit.

The testimony is humiliating New York prosecutors. They should save themselves and drop the case.

Blanche: Did you mean it when you said revenge is a dish best served cold?

Cohen: Yes, sir.

Blanche: You were willing to lie under oath if it affects your personal life, correct?

Cohen: I don’t understand your question.

Blanche: You testified under oath months ago that you were willing to lie if it affects your personal life, correct?

Cohen: Yes, sir. Blanche: So I’m asking the same question to you now: would you still be willing to lie if it affects your personal life?

Bragg prosecutor: Objection! Merchan: Objection sustained.

Blanche: Would you be willing to lie if it affects you personally?

Cohen: Yes, sir.

At this point, one has to wonder if Cohen is trying to throw the case. or if he’s just stupid.


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