Obama attacks the police, praises the violent, communist group, BLM


TheHill.com: reports that former President Obama said “institutional constraints” prevented him from speaking out about the killings of Black Americans during his time in the White House.

Obama’s foundation, My Brother’s Keeper Alliance, on Wednesday hosted a forum during which the former president participated in a panel discussion on the activism sparked by last year’s police killing of George Floyd, an unarmed Black man.

Obama noted that there were several high-profile killings of Black Americans — including Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, and Alton Sterling — during his time in office, but he didn’t want to interfere with the Justice Department’s investigations into the cases.

Obama is a liar. Martin was not killed by an officer, Brown attacked an officer, Sterling was resisting arrest.

The police kill few Black men and it’s almost always in the commission of a crime. The problem is black-on-black murders and gangs.

Obama said, “I did not in any way want to endanger their capacity to go in, investigate and potentially charge perpetrators, which meant that I could not come down or appear to come down decisively in terms of guilt or innocence.”

He lamented that although he won the 2012 election, Democrats lost the house and many governorships, so he didn’t have the majority he needed to push for “social justice.”

Obama also praised the growing wave of Black Lives Matter protests. “When I saw the mobilization primarily led by young people this past year, it gave me hope… that hope has now been translated into action,” he declared.

Black Lives Matter is a violent, Marxist, Black Supremacist organization. This is who Barack Obama is. It was formed with George Soros money and white agitators. They want to abolish the police, the family, and capitalism. They are the reincarnation of the Black Panthers, nothing more.


This is who and what Obama and the Black Lives Matter organization are:

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