Obama Campaign Officials Talked With Enemies of the State — Iran, Hamas


Not only did Barack Obama campaign aides speak with representatives of Hamas, a terror group, and Iran, the largest sponsor of terrorism in the world, Obama communicated with Iran in secret for years before the Iran deal.

In 2008, Robert O’Malley stepped down as a foreign adviser to Obama’s campaign after it was revealed he met with Hamas leaders. He admitted to it but claimed it was part of his private job. He said he had “never hidden the fact that I had meetings with Hamas.”

That doesn’t make it okay and it’s not even believable.

Michael Ledeen, a consultant to the National Security Council and U.S. Defense Department, insisted that Obama opened a back-channel to Iran during the 2008 presidential campaign. He said it went through Ambassador William G. Miller, who negotiated during the Iran hostage crisis, according to Breitbart.

Obama wanted to assure the Mullahs he was a friend of the Islamic Republic and they would be happy with his policies.

They must be happy. Those “Death to America” chants are just habit, the Obama administration insisted.

Obama probably violated the Logan Act we keep hearing about, but it hardly matters. Obama wanted to give Iran hegemony and he wanted us aligned with Iran. He was the President.

All incoming administrations open channels to foreign governments. It’s common practice.

The only problem with former Secretary Flynn’s conversation was he didn’t remember or lied about what was said. There was nothing in his conversation to be concerned about.

What is a concern is Obama’s people are listening in on Trump’s and his cabinet’s calls and then leaking them.

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