Obama operative who needed an ethics waiver says a million will die


Andrew Slavitt, Barack Obama’s former acting administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), is claiming so-called experts who say more than one million Americans are already doomed because the “virus was not contained.”

In case you’re wondering, he made that one million figure up. There are no repercussions for these people if they terrorize the masses. In fact, they are lauded for it and the media promotes their ‘expert’ opinions.

Currently, experts expect over one million deaths in the U.S. since the virus was not contained and we cannot even test for it, Slavitt tweeted Thursday. He added that the original sin is Trump’s months-long denial and his dismantling of public health and response infrastructure.

None of that is true. What denial? President Trump also did not dismantle anything.

The President acted quickly when Democrats were telling him the travel ban was a racist idea. This hack claims a million people will definitely die, it’s too late to save them, and the President is to blame. Most normal, clear-thinking Americans know how ridiculous this sounds.


Slavitt was acting administrator of the  Center for Medicare and Medicaid Studies (CMS) for nearly two years under then-president Barack Obama. He is widely quoted in the media as a top expert.

Slavitt is a corrupt thug. He is the man who needed an “ethics waiver” after making an utter mess of building healthcare.gov, Mytheos Holt reported at The American Spectator.

Despite being the person in charge of recouping the wasted costs of state exchanges, Slavitt actively lied to Congress about whether he’d actually done it, according to a report from the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Energy and Commerce.

He claimed he recovered $200 million out of $6 billion that was lost, a pittance in view of the total amount. He didn’t recoup it.

A June 1 report from the House Oversight Committee shows that the money was sent to places like the outrageously corrupt Oregon exchanges. It was actually spent to bolster the political chances of the overwhelmingly Democratic governors that received them, all at the behest of political operatives.

In other words, Obamacare state exchanges were Obama slush funds and he’s the person who hid the corruption, wittingly or unwittingly.

Democrats want you to believe more of this wills save us all.

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