Obama Promotes a Satanic Song Meant for Children


Former President Barack Obama shares lists of his favorite songs and movies annually. They include various genres, styles, and new releases. He takes some artists out of obscurity.

This year, Obama shared his roundup of hits, which was heavy on indie pop. But one of the more startling additions is the demonic Lil Nas X song, “Montero (Call Me by Your Name)”.

The Daily Wire originally reported that Lil Nas X aggressively used demonic imagery to advertise the new song when it was released earlier in 2021.

The ‘singer’ also promoted a line of 666 pairs of “Satan Shoes,” limited-edition, knock-off Nike shoes which featured the 22-year-old rapper giving Satan a lap dance.

Lil Nas performed obscenely on SNL with a rip up his crotch.

Gateway Pundit had the following clip of Jason Chaffetz showing part of the ‘song’. This is what Obama felt worthwhile, knowing that Lil Nas X, aka Montero Lamont Hill, says his audience is “children”. Sounds corrupting, doesn’t it?


YouTube didn’t see the need to take this down but you have to watch in on youtube:

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