Obama Weighs In On Israel’s Response to Hamas – Do Nothing?


On Monday, Barack Obama wrote an opinion piece on Medium called “Thoughts on Israel and Gaza.” The 44th President is vehemently opposed to Israel’s response to the Hamas terror attack and took a shot at America while he was at it. He excused Palestinians in Gaza who elected and currently support Hamas.

Mr. Obama began by backing up Joe Biden’s support for “Israel dismantling Hamas and its military capabilities” and “facilitating the safe return of hundreds of hostages to their families.”

Then he said, “But even as we support Israel, you should also be clear that how Israel prosecutes this fate against Hamas matters.”

Drawing moral equivalence, he said:

“As President Biden noted during his recent visit to Israel, America itself has at times fallen short of higher values when engaged in war, and in the aftermath of 9/11, The US government wasn’t interested in heeding the advice of even our allies when it came to the steps we took to protect ourselves against al Qaida.”

He opposes almost everything that Israel is doing, including shutting off water, food, and electricity.

Obama writes: “The Israeli government’s decision to cut off food, water and electricity to a captive civilian population threatens not only to worsen a growing humanitarian crisis; it could further harden Palestinian attitudes for generations, erode global support for Israel, play into the hands of Israel’s enemies, and undermine long term efforts to achieve peace and stability in the region.”

The problem with the latter is Israel is confronted with enormous Hamas tunnels on their border. These tunnels go down 200 meters. They are fully equipped with ventilation, furniture, living quarters, weapons, and computers. It’s where Hamas hides out during bombings, and it’s where they make their plans to sneak into Israel to kill Jewish people.

Obama wants no bombing or invasion until all the hostages are free, which may never happen. He wants them to allow the tunnels to function. In the end, he plans to criticize everything they do, knowing that the world supports Palestine more than Jewish people.

The former president is going with the idea that the Palestinians were “displaced.” He said:

“It means acknowledging that Palestinians have also lived in disputed territories for generations; that many of them were not only displaced when Israel was formed but continued to be forcibly displaced by a settler movement that too often has received tacit or explicit support from the Israeli government; That Palestinian leaders who’ve been willing to make concessions for a two-state solution have too often had little to show for their efforts; And it is possible for people of goodwill to champion Palestinian rights and oppose certain Israeli government policies in the West Bank and Gaza without being anti-Semitic.”

What he is doing here is condoning the pro-Hamas protests that so many pretend are pro-Palestinian. In all of these protests, the enormous crowds enthusiastically chant, “From the river to the sea.” That phrase means the total annihilation of the Jewish state.

As far as the two-state solution, that was offered many times and rejected. It’s a pipe dream. The Palestinians have Gaza, and they use it to slaughter Israelis in the hopes of committing total genocide of their population. There is little doubt they would kill all nine million people in a Holocaust if they could, especially if they had a larger State.

The land that Israelis have settled on is the land Israel won in wars they did not start.


Joe Biden keeps beefing up visible support for Israel with strike forces and weaponry but handcuffs them if they try to destroy Hamas. At the same time, Joe Biden, knowing Hamas is an Iran proxy, has given $16 billion to Iran and lifted sanctions on them so that they can sell oil, making billions of dollars they can use to create terror in the region. He okayed the UN lifting sanctions on Iran’s buying and selling of missiles and drones, allowing them to make billions they can use for terror and to beef up their impressive ballistics system.

Finally, he is sending $100 billion in so-called “humanitarian” aid to Gaza, which he knows will be given to Hamas. Hamas is the government. They get the money. He could airlift food and other essentials, but instead, he gives taxpayer money to them so they can terrorize their neighbors.

The only wars he seems to support are those Americans don’t want, and he wants Israel to give their land to radical Islamists.

It is my opinion that Barack Obama is running the US government. Joe Biden is incapable, Barack’s fingerprints are all over everything that’s been done, Barack said he’d love to run the country from his gym, and he speaks with Biden several times a week, according to Jen Psaki. Finally, it is Barack Obama’s staff that fills the halls of the White House and other major executive agencies.



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