Omarosa Manigault Will Allegedly Trash Trump’s Marriage


Omarosa Manigault, the former Communications Director at the White House Office of Public Liaison, is expected to get up to $10 million for her tell-all book which will allegedly include information she has about the Trump’s marriage and which she is ready to write about. Undoubtedly, the ghost writer will write it.

The best one can say about this if true is Omarosa is a vengeful ingrate. She’d be nothing without Trump. She’s hated by the left and was fired by the administration. Her enemies have piled up but the left anxiously awaits this book which will likely be released before the 2018 midterm elections and played up for 2020.

The information about what the book will contain comes from a source speaking with Life & Style, a gossip-oriented mag that has been known to be wrong.

“She knows how much time they spend together and whether or not they even sleep in the same bedroom,” a source told Life & Style. “How much does Melania have to put up with? Does she really agree with her husband’s stance on things? Does she believe any of the sexual harassment allegations lodged against him or are they all lies? Does she plan to divorce him once they’re out of the White House? All these questions could be answered.”

Do we need to know that? Why weren’t these questions asked of the Obama marriage? Obama had his issues.

The media has tried hard to drive a wedge in the Trump marriage, even condemning Melania’s child-centered choice to not pull her son out of school mid-year and wait until June to move to the White House.

“Omarosa has no doubt been dying to tell the world everything she knows about Melania and Donald’s relationship,” the Life & Style source said, “especially the meaning of the hand swipe. Melania swiping at Donald’s hand could have its very own chapter, they suggest.

There might also be some gossip about the President’s relationship with his daughter that is allegedly a source of friction in the marriage.

Also expected in the book is confirmation that the media is right to call Ivanka the First Lady.

There is absolutely no evidence for that. Melania has fulfilled her role perfectly and Ivanka has her role. It would have been better if Trump hadn’t hired his family because he has only made them targets, but if it helps give him courage then who are we to say.

The Democrats want to destroy him. They want him impeached and imprisoned as do many embeds in our government agencies which gave overwhelmingly to the Democratic campaigns. Almost none of them donated to the Republicans.

The Democrat aka mainstream media is reporting that it’s Omarosa’s perfect revenge.

Revenge is apparently a sought-after quality now. This is who we are now?

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