One store remains open in no-cop zone where George Floyd died


The no-cop zone in Minneapolis is the scene of George Floyd’s death. The hard-left — Antifa and Black Lives Matter — have made it into an anti-police shrine. Mr. Floyd died after ingesting a deadly amount of drugs including Fentanyl while ill with COVID and other ailments. He appeared to go limp as a police officer restrained him with a knee, minutes after he was no longer resisting.

The reason police were there is a store employee called them after Mr. Floyd passed a counterfeit $20 bill and appeared to have something wrong with him. They store clerk thought he might be drunk and he got into a car. Mr. Floyd resisted arrest for a prolonged period of time.

The hard-left wants to keep the area as a no-police zone until their 24 demands are met:

The only store still open is Cup Foods. It was their clerk who called the police on Mr. Floyd. They say their clerk did nothing wrong and was just doing his job. It is what he should have done.

The store must stay open but they face threats and other problems. Their store is vandalized with graffiti.

This is ridiculous. The no-cop zone needs to be shut down immediately.


Shelby is The Daily Caller reporter who was forcibly detained by police. We don’t have context since we don’t know why the police did it:

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