Mayor Jenny says criticizing hiring of ex-pimp as street czar is RACIST


Mayor Jenny

Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan says it’s “racist” for media members to criticize an ex-pimp and ally she recently gifted with a six-figure city contract, Jason Rantz of KTTH reports.

Andre Taylor

Andre Taylor is an outspoken community activist who is hypercritical of police, Rantz says. Mayor Jenny likes him since he gave her political cover during the disastrous Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ). It also looks like a payoff in a way.

He’s a highly-paid street czar who connects with criminals who allegedly won’t talk with police.

The city is laying off 70 police officers as Andre does whatever the hay he does. Seattle is gradually defunding the police.

Q13’s Brandi Kruse asked Durkan about her thoughts with some media outlets amplifying Taylor’s past to criticize him.

Durkin declared, “I actually think they’re racist.”  “I think we’re a country that believes in redemption and that if people come out of a criminal past, they have the right to remake themselves and to do something positive in the community. And I think they’re just very hyperbolic.”

No reporters are mentioning his race, just his police record. The alleged feminist mayor hired a former pimp who not only served time in jail but was also tied to a 16-year-old runaway who the Daily Mail says was recruited.

Durkin is trying to fend off legitimate questions and criticisms with the race card. Shameful!

In my land of birth, New York City, we had unofficial street czars in the ’70s — Black Panthers. For example, the local drug dealer was the community block party planner and barbecued the dogs and burgers. Neato.

Mayor Jenny is waving off criticism:

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