Open Border News for Tuesday Morning


The NY Post reports that illegal aliens whom Gov. DeSantis shipped to Martha’s Vineyard were given visas as if they were crime victims. The important paragraph follows.

The migrants applied last year for a special type of visa designated for crime victims — known as a U-visa — after they claimed they were duped into boarding charter flights from San Antonio, Texas, to the upmarket liberal enclave in Massachusetts with the false promises of jobs and housing.

Crime victims by criminals coming in illegally!

Then we have the Puerto Rican gangbangers boating into America were caught by the Coast Guard.

“Our strong partnerships and daily collaboration between all federal partner agencies involved in this case as well as Dominican Republic Navy and Dominican law enforcement authorities resulted in the safe repatriation of five migrants and the apprehension of three wanted U.S. citizens,” said Lt. Vincente Garcia, Coast Guard liaison to the Dominican Republic.

“These efforts are instrumental to achieving regional stability and safeguarding our nation’s southernmost maritime border from dangers and threats associated with unlawful migration and other prevalent illicit maritime activity,” Garcia added.

They caught three out of hundreds of thousands or millions of criminals.

Let’s not forget the brilliant New Hampshire state Rep. Jodi Newell (D) who argued against an anti-sanctuary city bill that prevents state and local government officials from adopting sanctuary city policies that impede law enforcement. She claims it doesn’t stop the problem.

She claims illegal criminal immigration is sensationalized, and her solution is to continue giving criminal aliens sanctuary.

Additionally, you won’t be surprised to learn that an illegal alien child rapist will NOT be deported because it might hurt his mental health. That is in the UK, but it’s happening here so it’s worth mentioning.

Finally, in Denver, the land of the woke, open border advocates say free room and board, etc. for six months is not enough.

Denver migrant advocates say six months of free rent, food not enough: ‘A slap in the face’ and ‘offensive,’ Fox News reports.

That’s all for now.

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