O’Reilly and McCarthy discuss the riot and the payback


Bill O’Reilly begins his message of the day, “Imitating the bloody baptism scene in The Godfather, anti-Trump zealots are coming with guns blazing. The horrendous display of sedition and treachery at the nation’s Capitol has provided some leftists with a license to figuratively kill and they are locked and loaded.”

He believes that Mr. Trump’s failure to tamp down the crowd has ruined his legacy and the people who hate him will now exact revenge on anyone who worked for him. Anyone who would give the President a fair hearing puts themselves at risk, he believes.


O’Reilly, writes in his message of the day, “Mr. Trump’s failure to tamp down the angry protestors supporting him in Washington has destroyed his legacy.  The Trump-haters are screaming that he “encouraged” the violence but I believe that’s false.  The President is an opportunist and smart enough to understand that a calculated violent attack on Congress in his name would destroy him.  Because of his bitterness over the election and the unprecedented press mistreatment he’s received, the President has lost all perspective and personal discipline.”

Now we have more hatred coming from Pelosi and Schumer who want to punish Trump. It will spark more hatred and fury.

O’Reilly continues, “I’m not even going to address the corrupt media which believes its reckless disregard of facts and perspective is a moral obligation. But social media?  Now, that’s a different story.  Pun intended.”

“I agree that violent threats and defamation must be policed by Silicon Valley.  But denying the President and others the right to express opinions is dangerous to the nation. Companies have a perfect right to “flag” what they deem as inaccurate.  But punishing political expression is obviously unconstitutional.  The corporate media uses anonymous, unverifiable sources every day and social media aggressively distributes that.  We are in a danger zone here that may require Congressional scrutiny.”

We would like to add to what Mr. O’Reilly is saying here. Corporations punishing people for political expression is what they do in Venezuela:

O’Reilly adds, “It is beyond any doubt that the assault on Congress by Trump supporters has created a national emergency.  We are descending into the madness of irrationality.  In addition, the anti-Trumpers are now exacting vivid revenge and there doesn’t seem to be any cease-fire in sight.”

He concludes by calling on Joe Biden “to diffuse it.”

We believe there is no sign of Joe doing that. The uniter is making it worse by calling Republican senators who supported Trump ‘Nazis’ and sitting by while Pelosi and Schumer act like avenging angels (or devils). Forbes is threatening companies that hire people from the Trump administration to keep them from working again.

Democrats plan unprincipled behavior going forward:

This won’t unite us. Silencing people for political expression (violence and threats not included) only leads to violence.


Andy McCarthy has a brutal piece in National Review. He believes Mr. Trump should exact favorable terms for resignation. He believes there could be enough senators willing to impeach and he should do what he can to stave off criminal charges after he leaves office. The New York case against him is also still pending.

McCarthy thinks he committed an impeachable offense for “making a reckless speech that incited a throng on the mall.”

He wants him to resign and let Pence pardon him [If he would be willing to do so. Pence is allegedly angry over the President putting him in an untenable position].


John Sullivan is a Black Lives Matter radical who was arrested, but so far, he is the only leftist under arrest. There are some videos that suggest other radicals were present at the Capitol, but it’s not proven.

Trump supporters leading the charge include QShaman or Jacob Anthony Chansley, 32, from Arizona, who is also known as Jake Angeli. He charged in wearing Viking horns and carrying a spear.

The man in the Speaker’s chair, Richard Barnett of Arkansas, said he thought the revolution had started.

Adam Johnson, 36, of Florida, was the smiling man walking around with the Speaker’s podium.

Derrick Evans, a West Virginia state lawmaker who has since resigned, was allegedly among the rioters who stormed the Capitol building, has been charged with one count of knowingly entering or remaining in any restricted building or grounds without lawful authority; and one count of violent entry and disorderly conduct on Capitol Grounds.

There are now 18 known federal criminal defendants related to the Capitol riots, which shocked the nation as a mob of President Donald Trump’s supporters laid siege to the Capitol, determined to stop Congress from certifying the results of the 2020 presidential election. That’s out of hundreds of thousands, perhaps up to two million, who attended. They are, however, all Trump supporters except John Sullivan, a radical leftist.

Hundreds followed these people, and a large number were let in by police.

Explosives were found and those people are probably going away for long terms up to ten years. The rally brought out the lunatics with mostly ordinary Americans. These radicals ruined it for them also.


We knew many people who were there and who had a front-row position for his speech. They said no one seemed angry and they didn’t find the speech “fiery” or “inciting.” But the result was awful. It was as awful as what has gone on for the past four years in our major cities, encouraged by Democrats.

Here are Democrats storming the Capitol in 2018:


McCarthy said that there is no way Mr. Trump could be convicted in a criminal trial. He does, however, feel he was “utterly irresponsible in his demagoguery.” While he believes the results were unintentional, he sees it as impeachable.

The impeachment trial for Mr. Trump will take place on his last day in office.

If Pelosi and Schumer wanted unity, they would take a different path, but they don’t care about unity.

There is no doubt that the people leading the charge, or at least that’s all we know now, were Trump supporters, save one, ready for violence. It was a very small number compared to how many were in the crowd, but it was enough to cause tremendous damage, paving the way for the far-left radical Dems to force their Stalinesque policies on Americans.

There were only a small group of angry Americans on Wednesday. That number will grow if Democrats do what they promised to do. In fact, a reparations bill is ready to go. It’s extreme and bizarre, but that won’t stop the Democrats. They can do anything they want now and senile Joe is a rubber stamp.

We will not abandon the President who has done so much to establish peace in the world and put Americans first, but this was a terrible situation made worse by vengeful far-left Democrats who now have the Trifecta.

What do you think?

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The Ecstasy Of Gold
The Ecstasy Of Gold
2 years ago

Third rate Kabuki Theater from derp state productions. Only drooling dullards believe the official line of MAGA kamikazes ready to overthrow the devestating masters of the universe (LOL!) with twisties and Viking helmets.
Reading foreign news sources you can already tell that the empire of lies is done, over, which is why the Groper and Kommie-La are the chosen faces for the Sunset Parade.
Now that Russia got the Sauds to blink they can concentrate on the USSA.
Last time I checked they still have a monstrous nuclear arsenal that they won’t be dismantling in the interest of some globalist Benetton utopia.

2 years ago