Our Future President Bill De Blasio Gets Blasted by His Media Friends


Bill de Blasio, aka Warren Wilhelm, is suing Big Oil, hoping to put them into bankruptcy, but to do that, he’d really need to sue the world. It’s a gimmick to get positive attention for his presidential run.

Marxist Bill claims Big Oil is responsible for global warming.

He wants his lawsuit to raise the price of fossil fuels on the rest of us — It’s win-win for him.

If he was smart, he’d support CLEAN fossil fuels.

The communist mayor of New York City is also divesting New York City of all oil and gas investments.

Rumor has it that De Blasio will run for President in 2020 as a solid Progressive aka Socialist. He’s already been to Iowa and is trying to raise his profile nationwide.

The media outlets didn’t think much of his effort because he’s a hypocrite who uses SUVs and helicopters on a frequent basis.

The following comments come via Daily Caller,— his media buddies abandoned him.

The New York Observer called de Blasio an “Imperial Hypocrite.” They pointed out that de Blasio has made excuses for taking a fleet of SUV’s to the gym five days a week. De Blasio’s fleet regularly includes GMC Yukon XL and a Chevrolet Tahoe Hybrid, which only gets 20 miles per gallon.

New York Times writer Jim Dwyer pointed out the NYC mayor “regularly rides around town in an SUV” In fact, de Blasio regularly cruises around with a fleet of SUVs, including when he goes to the gym.

Former New York Times reporter Andrew Revkin, who now writes for ProPublica, pointed out that de Blasio has opposed policies environmentalists believe can cut emissions linked to global warming.

Revkin also asked a very important question: who used all the oil de Blasio is blaming for damaging New York City?

A number of California cities have taken the same tack as de Blasio, including Santa Cruz. New York City can be Santa Cruz too.

Big Oil is hitting back and seeks to depose Santa Cruz officials for filing false disclosures.

ExxonMobil pushed back against what it called “abusive law enforcement tactics and litigation,” threatening to file its own legal action and accusing the local jurisdictions of hypocritically omitting reference to climate change damages from their own bond disclosures.

“The stark and irreconcilable conflict between what these municipal governments alleged in their respective complaints and what they disclosed to investors in their bond offerings indicates that the allegations in the complaints are not honestly held and were not made in good faith,” reads the 60-page motion, which was filed Monday in a Texas court.

De Blasio’s suit is frivolous.


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