Our New Democratic Party! What Is Democratic Socialism, REALLY?


“A democracy is a state which recognizes the subjection of the minority to the majority.”

~ Vladimir Lenin

DSA, Democratic Socialists of America, the Party of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Democratic Socialism is Socialism. The only goal of Democratic Socialism is Socialism. Nicolas Maduro in Venezuela is a Democratic Socialist. The sole difference is Democratic Socialists convince people to vote them into power by putting lipstick on their pig policies while Socialists are prone to more aggressive measures.

It’s the benign road to communism and the words are euphemistic. Progressivism is essentially the same ideology.

Socialism destroys nations by destroying incentives, the free market, and individual freedoms which are subjugated to the all-powerful State.

Democratic simply means you vote for your misery.

Democracy is tyranny

Democracy, in general, is a problem because it can mean a society like ours in its general sense, but in its ideological meaning it’s quite different. The USA is not a democracy because it allows the tyranny of the majority. That’s why our Framers established the nation as a Republic with an Electoral College.

Socialism is a Marxist-Leninist ideology and many of the concepts are now part of the American vernacular, unfortunately. Wealth redistribution, identity politics, social justice and all the other justices like climate and economic, political correctness, and full government control over all pillars of society, including industry are now mainstream.

Socialists offer everything for ‘free’ by stealing from those with ‘too much’ because they falsely believe it makes people free. It does the opposite.

While the youth seem to think it’s one man, one vote, and they will be able to vote for everything put into place, it’s not at all the case. The goal is to abolish private ownership of the means of production. It will abolish all private property, as Bill de Blasio has suggested in New York City. That’s what will be done, and the few will have all the power and wealth in one centralized government.

This creeping communism always begins incrementally and once in power, it accelerates and can’t be stopped.


Karl Marx, in The Communist Manifesto, made people believe that after consuming all private property, the big government would fade away. In its place would be a classless society based on mutual ownership of all wealth.

“From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs,” is the big lie.

Who can believe that those in power, with all the wealth, would then give it up? What is the magical formula for that since it has never happened in history?

Whether installed benevolently or violently, human nature is such that communism or its twin socialism, can never work.

Socialists will tell you they want a democracy like Scandinavia, but, in fact, what they are proposing is full communism and it will make us into Venezuela. They will lie and tell you they want to keep capitalism and work within the system when they are actually infiltrating to overturn the system.

Socialism and Capitalism cannot co-exist. They are as opposite as collectivism is from individualism.

These hardcore leftists will tell you they believe in elections and the First Amendment, but once in power, no election can rid the nation of them. As far as the First Amendment, they will support those who agree and don’t try to put religion above the state. The State is the Supreme Being in their ideology.

Read about the Communist history and underpinnings of the DSA at The Epoch Times.


Go to 10:00 for info on Ocasio-Cortez’s organization, the DSA or Democratic Socialists of America [they left Socialists International because they aren’t radical enough for them]:

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