Our President Signs Off With, “Thank You I’m Sorry”


We will leave you with this tonight. Joe Biden sounds like his brain is operating on a blown fuse. He signed off his latest speech with, “Thank you, I’m sorry.”


We have a president who doesn’t know where he is most of the time and often makes no sense. We can’t have this. When is someone in authority going to demand the 25th Amendment?

Biden on Tuesday promised that the first bill he’ll send to the next Congress will be legislation to reinstate the abortion protections of Roe v. Wade.

In a speech at a Democratic National Committee event in Washington, Biden also pledged to sign that bill into law around the anniversary of the original Roe ruling in late January.

The Supreme Court already decided that – the states decide. The decision is back in the hands of the people instead of the nine justices. That’s all that happened. Is that what he’s sorry about?

What is he saying here?

Look at this stupidity.

Well, at least he’s a king. And we’re all sorry about that.

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