Overlooked! Harry & Meghan’s interview was an infomercial


While Oprah made it clear at the beginning of the recent interview with Meghan and Harry that the couple was not getting paid (directly) for the interview, she periodically made it into an infomercial for all three of them.

Oprah gave away millions in advertisements for the couples’ Archwell brand, pushed their hundred million dollar Netflix deal, and their $25 million Spotify gig.

It’s interesting to also note that Oprah and Prince Harry are in business together with an Apple series on mental health.

Meghan invested in a vegan coffee company and sent her neighbor Oprah samples recently. Oprah then sent info about the coffee out to all her followers. That promo is worth a million dollars.

Oprah presented herself as an impartial interviewer and should have disclosed this information. She should have said she was a friend as she asked not-probing questions.

In the end, their obvious lies also came out.

Does anyone agree with me that the interview was clearly a staged event?


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