Bizarre racist teacher training launches in all Illinois schools


The Countywide Equity Institute featured 10 speakers alleging ‘institutional racism,’ as well as ‘implicit bias’ and ‘white privilege’ during a teacher training exercise in Naperville, Illinois. Illinois has just mandated this kind of instruction in all public schools.


The “antiracist” coach Dena Simmons gave the keynote speech.

A whistleblower who reached out to The Federalist, a teacher at Naperville Central High School, said Simmons told attendees that “our education is based on a foundation of whiteness” and that Americans “are spiritually murdering” students.

Simmons also reportedly said that if you are not an “antiracist” you are a racist. That’s allegedly true even if you believe “you are treating people with respect.”

These people are sick.

The only way you prove you’re not racist is to embrace Marxist ‘racial justice,’ according to Simmons.

This is evil, truly.

Here’s an excerpt:

In one speech to educators that has more than 230,000 views on YouTube, the Yale University graduate said “white supremacy” is the outcome in all schools that do not embrace “racial justice” and “antiracism” training for students.

In an article titled “How to Be an Antiracist Educator” published in Oct. 2019, Simmons praises The New York Times’ “1619 Project” as a “comprehensive opportunity to learn and discuss history and race with colleagues and students.” The 1619 Project claimed America is systemically racist and that all of modern society and injustices are directly linked to slavery. It has been the target of much criticism by scholars for inaccuracy.

The 1619 Project is a hate America version of history filled with errors.

Math Is Racist Too

An article at National Review by Devon Westhill is well worth reading and discusses how the Left is making math racist, and academic achievement is now white supremacy. Apparently, they want to make sure that Black children don’t learn math.

Another story looks at the attempt to paint math as racist (National Review).

Here’s another excerpt:

The Oregon Department of Education released a bulletin last month informing math teachers of a course available to those who are “looking for a deeper dive into equity work.” In an essay titled “Why Math is Racist,” John Hinderaker at Powerline calls out the bizarre concepts that the course promotes such as how “white supremacy culture shows up in the mathematics classroom” when “students are required to ‘show their work’” and “the focus is on getting the ‘right’ answer.” I encourage folks to read Hinderaker’s take on the training and the other perspectives that have been shared in print and television.

Academic achievement is now tied to being too white.

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