Oxford Lecture: Eating Meat Is White Supremacy, Colonialism, Racism, Patriarchy


We live in Crazyland. The Western World has gone mad. Take Carol Adams as a good example of WOKE lunacy who actually lectures at Oxford.

As reported by Sky News Australia, author and animal rights activist Carol J. Adams believes choosing to eat meat is linked to a “white supremacist patriarchal worldview.”

That’s right you supremacists!

“White supremacists weaponized eating meat, eggs, and dairy to reclaim their wounded masculinity,” she said in all seriousness.


The article continues:

The Sexual Politics of Meat author argues the act of eating animal “corpses” are “massaged by euphemistic language” like hamburgers, steak, and bacon.

“In order to be eaten, animals must disappear as living beings, that is be killed,” he said.

“They then disappear conceptually as so many forms in which we eat animal corpses are massaged by euphemistic language (like) hamburgers, steak, pork, bacon…

“Even the speaker just before me talked about ‘turkeys’, he’s talking about dead butchered turkeys of whom part of their bodies will be eaten,” she said.

“Meat-eaters order leg of lamb, not a baby lamb’s leg (and) your hamburger comes with a dose of misogyny.”

Huh? What? How does this make sense in any world, even in the WOKE precincts?

We don’t like taking so much of an article but the insanity appears to get progressively worse as she blathers:

Ms. Adams used the September 11 attacks and a black man being elected as US President as an example of how she believes men are reclaiming their “wounded masculinity” by eating meat, eggs and dairy.

“That’s why after 9/11, a focus on men as heroes and on meat-eating became part of reclamation of a wounded masculinity.

“When a black man was elected as US President, we saw how white this wounded masculinity was.

“White supremacists weaponised eating meat, eggs and dairy, images of milk drinking white men, of platters groaning with meat and the baiting of liberal men as so-called soy boys are all part of the neo-Nazi messaging.

“‘This is their right’, the neo-Nazi say, ‘this is their identity’.”

Uh, no, men eat meat because they like the way it tastes. Women do too so does that make them white supremacists and Nazis too?

The conclusion is that “whiteness is part of the problem of meat-eating.”

Watch if you can stand listening to the mad woman (youtube didn’t take this down):

She didn’t just go crazy. She’s been crazy through other books, The Sexual Politics of Meat and The Pornography of Meat. The woman is actually selling these things and being invited to lecture about it at Oxford.

It’s also colonialism and racism. One thing’s for sure. She has mastered all the popular buzzwords which makes one think she’s insane or she knows she can exploit them to make money or push her crazy animal love beyond all reason.

Watch if you can stand it.

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