PA ballot counting halted! Trump campaign denied access even with a court order


A Pennsylvania appellate court Judge Christine Cannon handed the Trump campaign a victory Thursday. She allowed the campaign to have its representative as close as six feet away from the vote-counting process. The counting is currently underway at the Convention Center in Philadelphia.

A campaign witness testified that the ballot processing area was kept at a distance from poll watchers, with the closest table roughly 15 feet away from him and the farthest approximately 105 feet from where he was permitted to observe.

Judge Cannon ruled that the lower court must now enter an order “requiring that all candidates, watchers or candidate representatives be permitted to be present for the canvassing process … and be permitted to observe all aspects of the canvassing process within six feet, while adhering to all COVID-19 protocols, including wearing masks and maintaining social distancing.”

After they tried to go in and observe, they were denied access. So, the judge temporarily halted all counting.

Counting has also stopped in Pittsburgh for the same reason. Why isn’t the FBI involved?

Now, Pennsylvania sued to not allow them in and won with the left-wing Pennsylvania Supreme Court. Scroll down for that information.

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  1. The only viable option is for SCOTUS to rule these disputed states cease and begin a new election within 30 days, but that option would be unlikely.

  2. so sad that the American people that are democrats are supporting the illegal coup against their country. where and when did their education and politics go wrong in life to despise the homeland so much to see its norms torm down ?

  3. The sleaze and corruption within the Democrat Party are without limits. They will do whatever it takes to attain the control over all people. The Democrat Party is the epitome of dishonesty.

    It is being methodically transformed into a communist organization with a leaning toward establishing a caliphate ruled by radical Islamic Sharia Law administered by faithful followers of the demented pedophile, Muhammad.

    To HELL with the Democrat Party!

  4. What happened with all the “lawyers on the ground”. That was the assumption according to Trump. As of now we only hear of “three”. Who the hell in the campaign gave Trump the confidence that it was essentially “in the bag”. We heard from Trump of the significant concerns about all these states having mail-in ballots yet there were no teams on the ground ready and waiting. We can only see what will happen with the SCOTUS filings today. Sekulow filed a motion to intervene, so we’ll see what that outcome will be.

    I don’t recall the scenario put out a while back about a scam that would be perpetrated. I didn’t put much thought into it but it would be good to know the details.

  5. The inaction of the DOJ in this matter is much more than irresponsibility, it is a corrupt support of the theft of the election. There could be no more important time than now to act.

  6. It appears the campaign, likely Jason Miller, are saying to Trump, “We are Winning”. What the hell kind of strategy is THAT. Maybe that is why Trump came out to the press, finally realizing Jason is feeding him a line of Crap saying Trump will win Friday. Trump’s biggest problem to date is heeding advisors rather than going with his Own instincts.

    • I agree the President does great without the input of others. He had too much interference from others including some of his family once he got in office …. We know who I’m talking about/;

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