Trump campaign claims thousands of fraudulent votes cast in NV


Update at the end

Former Nevada Attorney General Adam Laxalt, Matt Schlapp of the Conservative Union, and former DNI Ric Grennell, all working on the Trump team, gave a presser today alleging thousands of potentially fraudulent votes cast in Nevada.

They had two people come to the mic who say they personally experienced fraud. One woman said she and her roommate went to vote and were denied the right because someone already used their votes.

The team said there is evidence of the dead voting, votes by people who don’t live in Nevada, and the casting of other types of illegal votes.

The Trump campaign is going to a judge today about this issue.

Proving fraud will be an uphill climb. Also, unless it’s a significant number of fraudulent votes, SCOTUS might not hear the case.


Update: The Clarke County Registrar in NV said he handled the lady who claimed someone voted for her. He insists it is her signature and she refused to file a claim.

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