PA Judge actually gets it on COVID and lockdowns


Judge William Stickman IV in the case of Butler v. Thomas Wolf et al stuck to the Constitution, the very document that is beyond some blue state governor’s pay grade. We already reported that the Pennsylvania court found against Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf for his unconstitutional rules meant to fight COVID.

I thought people would like to read the case. We finally have a judge who gets it.

The lawsuit was originally filed by Butler County, along with Green, Fayette, and Washington. However, Stickman, who was appointed last year by President Trump, dismissed all the counties out of the case, saying they are a part of the state.

Attorney Tom Breth was one of the lawyers representing the plaintiffs.

“This does not invalidate his orders in totality,” Breth said. “We were very specific with respect to the stay-at-home order, congregate, and other business closure components of his orders, and that’s what the court dealt with.”

“The court found in our favor in all three of those areas,” Breth said.

Putting people under house arrest and destroying their livelihoods shouldn’t be easy. Governors should not have unfettered power. During COVID, they basically did have uncontrolled power. They did whatever they wanted and it was easy. People quickly fell in line.


Stickman explained that the restrictions went beyond the original intent.

“What was initially billed as measures necessary “to flatten the curve” and protect hospital capacity have become open-ended and ongoing restrictions aimed at a very different end…”

Governors and mayors behaved as if we were in Communist China.

“It appears as though the imposition of lockdowns in Wuhan and other areas of China-a nation unconstrained by concern for civil liberties and constitutional norms — started a domino effect where one country, and state, after another imposed draconian and hitherto untried measures on their citizens.”

This cannot be the new normal, despite suggestions it will be.

“The Constitution cannot accept the concept of a “new normal” where the basic liberties of the people can be subordinated to open-ended emergency mitigation measures,” Judge Stickman said.

He declared the Pennsylvania governor’s actions unconstitutional.

Governor Wolf plans to appeal the decision.


PA Gov v Butler County by Johannah Winter on Scribd

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