“BMW Driver” Named Hamou Bachir Runs Over Six Police, Motive May Never Be Known


Six soldiers were deliberately run over and injured in a Paris suburb as the soldiers left their barracks. Two are badly hurt. The driver escaped in the vehicle, a BMW.

Le Parisien newspaper named the driver in the suspected terror incident as Hamou B, a 37-year-old from Sartrouville in the north western suburbs of Paris. One unofficial report says his last is Bachir.

“Hamou B had been waitng for the soldiers to report for duty, then ‘accelerated very quickly the moment they came out’, Le Parisien reported.

One might suspect, from the beard Hamou is sporting and from his name, that he is a radical Islamic terrorist but that would be jumping to conclusions. The motive may never be known. In fact, with Moonbats in charge, it’s almost certain the motive will never be known.

Hamou B

The terrorist is being called an “assailant, BMW driver, driver, man, attack driver, suspect, fugitive,” and the best comes out of the BBC and Reuters. They wrote: Paris attack: Man held after car rams into soldiers. The car did it!

About 230 innocent people have died in France at the hands of radical Islamic terrorists since 2015.

Police v. Migrants


To give you an idea of what goes on in France, check out this clip with migrants against police. The French police are armed with spray cans. This is very funny. You have to look at this.

Vive la France…uh, not so much

In this next video, check out how nice the streets of Paris look now.

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