Pathetic Allies Tried to Embarrass WH with a Jerusalem Resolution


Our so-called allies in the EU planned to take away from tomorrow’s celebration of the opening of the U.S. embassy in Jerusalem. They wanted to issue a resolution to embarrass and isolate the United States according to Axios. It was led by the apparently very phony “good friend” of Trump’s, Emanuel Macron.

The draft statement said Jerusalem is the capital of Israel and Palestine; the final status of Jerusalem should be negotiated; and the the member states will not follow the U.S. and move their embassies from Tel Aviv.

There is another issue besides wanting to hurt the U.S. They are anti-Semitic. They would sooner see us open an embassy in Havana.

Palestine was never a country. It was a pass-through. If Jerusalem is divided, it will only be a matter of time before they are destroyed. That’s an opinion and people can disagree.

Regardless, the resolution was blocked by our real allies. Hungary, the Czech Republic and Romania objected and that was the end of the resolution.

Axios reported: “The Hungarians didn’t want to poke Trump in the eye and the Czechs and the Romanians are considering to move their embassies to Jerusalem against the EU position. This is the state of the EU these days”.

The President acted courageously and this has more of a chance of changing the dynamics towards peace than the last 70 years of appeasement.

The President can’t get credit. The former U.S. administration has helped poison the well.

The EU favors the terrorists in Iran to the U.S. and are ready to do business with them over our objections. Iran is sponsoring terrorism throughout the world and they don’t seem to care. It’s a sorry state of affairs. Our allies are pathetic.

They are losing their way.


An article at CBS News today gave a good example of how they view the world now. It’s the way all leftists view the world. They are robbing the West of its identity, its sovereignty, and its character.

The Progressive CBS author wrote about the changing Britain:

A lot of what America thinks it knows about Britain comes from “Masterpiece Theater,” and needs a re-boot to what Britain is today: multi-cultural, multi-accented and casting about for a new identity. Mark Phillips reports…

…Britain is becoming more like America. The numbers tell the story: Around 14% of the British population is now foreign-born. That’s almost the identical percentage as the United States. 

The Progressives are already describing the U.S. as a nation without a soul.

This is what the left wants: a world without borders and identity. The EU has surrendered already. There is no way they could ever understand the Israelis’ desire to have their ancient homeland back.

What they don’t realize is they are the arrogant stooges history will one day revile.

Like I said, they’re pathetic.

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