Pelosi is fine with red diaper baby Bernie Sanders as Dem candidate


“Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Wednesday urged party unity amid Bernie Sanders’ surge in the presidential race, even as House Democrats worry about a volatile election season that could put a self-described democratic socialist atop the ticket and threaten their majority,” ABC News reported.

“I would hope that everyone would say, no matter who the nominee is for president, we wholeheartedly embrace that person,” Pelosi, D-Calif., told the House Democratic caucus at a closed-door meeting.

‘We cannot show any division. This has to be about unity, unity, unity,” she said, according to an anonymous Democratic aide who attended the session.

“Down-ballot jitters are apparent as the Vermont senator takes an increasingly commanding lead in early voting and withstands the constant pummeling by rivals who have been unable to slow his rise,” the outlet reported.

It’s not surprising. Nancy Pelosi has always been a Marxist pushing her party further and further to the left. She is the one who gave the communistic Squad members important seats on committees although they were only Freshmen.

Pelosi is at least a socialist. She is so unAmerican that she is fine with a communist.

An even further left communist, supported by the hard-left Susan Sarandon, is running against her in San Fran. He is name is Shahid Buttar.


NBC News’ Geoff Bennett tweeted: “Pelosi tells reporters that she is comfortable with Bernie Sanders as a potential nominee and doesn’t think he would jeopardize the House majority.”

Pelosi said: “I think whoever our nominee is, we will enthusiastically embrace. And we will win the White House, the Senate, and the House.”


Pelosi reiterated her position when NBC News producer Alex Moe asked: “Will you be OK if Bernie Sanders is the nominee?” Pelosi said: “Yes.”

When asked: “Do you have any concerns that you could lose the majority?” Pelosi replied: “No.”

She is probably correct. Republicans have a lot of people retiring and Democrats have ballot harvesting, ranked-choice voting, and other corrupt voting tactics.

Too many people are eager to exchange their freedoms for a false sense of security and free stuff.

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