Pelosi warns Trump to continue the lockdown as scientists dictate


Speaker Pelosi warned President Trump not to try to re-open the country too soon upon news of his new second task force with an economic bent. She wants him to listen to the scientific community — it appears — exclusively.

She is working on a fourth pork-filled rescue package she will introduce to Congress eventually.  Pelosi wants an affirmative action-approach to doling out funds to small businesses as opposed to an unbiased approach.

On Thursday, she “signaled Thursday that the House is unlikely to return to session later this month, her clearest indication yet that Congress — like the rest of the country — could remain shuttered for weeks or even longer as the coronavirus crisis continues,” according to Politico.

Pelosi is getting riled up against the President’s second coronavirus task force aimed at re-opening the government. She likes things just the way they are.

President Trump said at his briefing Friday, “Hopefully we’re going to be opening up …. very, very, very, very soon, I hope,” Trump said Thursday during his daily coronavirus briefing. “We’re going to open up strong, very successfully and I’d like to say even more successfully than before.”


Pelosi wants the country in economic lockdown much longer, she told Politico.

“I would hope that the scientific community would weigh in and say, ‘You can’t do this, it is only going to make matters worse if you go out too soon,’” Pelosi said when asked whether she was worried Trump would reopen the country too soon.

Drs. Fauci and Birx have already signaled they want a very long lockdown.

Pelosi suggested there are numerous factors that would need to be assessed in making such decisions, including the possibility of secondary infections.

“What is it? Is it testing so that we know what we’re dealing with? Is it some standard as to how someone else would be received into a workplace?” Pelosi said. “We have to know. It’s data. And that’s something that I haven’t seen as the basis for any decision-making. In fact, I’ve seen the opposite.”


The data from the researchers has been a farce so far. The IHME continually adjusts their charts according to reality as opposed to some ability they have to predict the future.

On March 16, Imperial College published a study projecting 1.7 million to 2.2 million deaths in the U.S., but also said that projection could be reduced to 1.1 million if suppression measures were immediately put into place. The study recommended, “a combination of social distancing of the entire population, home isolation of cases and household quarantine of their family members. This may need to be supplemented by school and university closure.”

There is little to no chance that 2.2 million would have died. Drs. Fauci and Birx rely on the IHME. They keep lowering their predictions as reality sets in.

Dr. Fauci went from millions dead to 100,000, to 80,000, and now 60,000 which puts it in range of normal influenza.

Sweden is the control group and, so far, they are no worse than anyone else.

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Pierre Coulombe
Pierre Coulombe
3 years ago

Wouldn’t she like to plunge the nation into a recession ? Evil wench !

Tim Kuehl
Tim Kuehl
3 years ago

Sweden is the control group and, so far, they are no worse than anyone else.
It is telling when, instead of the United States, Sweden must take the lead in exposing the truth. I’m not trying to disparage Sweden, it’s just that since our founding the US has been seen as the leader in a crisis and the beacon of hope for all who seek freedom and liberty. The overreaction to the Kung Flu is proving we are losing both and apparently are willing to do so for false safety, something Ben Franklin warned us about.

herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
3 years ago

Pelosi and company, including the health experts are enjoying the authoritarian position of ruling the country, this is Fascism.

Rebel Yell
Rebel Yell
3 years ago

Nan must have a few more dollars to squeeze out of the misery and suffering.
There must be some hidden Great Leap Forward agenda items in one of the smoking printing press porkulus bills.
Remember the old G. Gordon Liddy commercial where he is holding a tiny dollar the size of the postage stamp, that is coming.
I want some fancy rims and high gloss paintjob on my Weimar Wheelbarrow.
I don’t recall electing any white coated ‘experts’ back in 2016.

“A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves.”

Edward R. Murrow