Pence Suggests There’s No Room in the Party for Putin Apologists-Like Trump


Mike Pence on Friday said he will rebuke those in the Republican Party who have praised Russian President Vladimir Putin in recent weeks, including most prominently former President Trump.

“There is no room in this party for apologists for Putin. There is only room for champions of freedom,” Pence will tell a gathering of Republican National Committee (RNC) donors, according to excerpts shared with The Hill.

Trump also called Russia’s invasion of Ukraine “a holocaust,” but Pence didn’t mention that.

Mike Pence is never going to be president.

Trump is the only President in recent administrations, from George W. on, who held Putin to account. But let’s not look at the facts. The Hill was biased in the report, concentrating on Biden’s analysis of Putin’s intelligence.

Pence is taking a risky tack here. He might remind people of Jeb Bush as he runs for President. Jeb thought he could win the primary by saying he’d do it without conservatives, as he also claimed all illegal aliens are coming into the US for “love”.

Former President Trump wasn’t praising Putin, It was clear he didn’t support him but recognized his “genius” and strategy in the planning for this Ukraine War. Putin’s running rings around Joe Biden.

It is not ‘praise’ to recognize Putin’s strengths. Putin is very clever, evil, and clever.

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