Pennsylvania Primary Race of US Senate Tightens for Two Candidates


The Pennsylvania primary race for the US Senate is a dead heat for at least two of the candidates. President Trump stands behind Mehmet Oz and sees him as loyal, smart, and fully supportive of the agenda.

David McCormick is the party candidate and allegedly more electable in a general election according to the hype. He says he’s a big supporter of the MAGA agenda, and that appears to be the case. Donald Trump says he’s a McConnell guy.

Kathy Barnette is moving up with the more conservative wing of the party who don’t trust Dr. Oz. Some in the party don’t think she can win in the general. The Left plans to destroy Mrs. Barnette with her attendance at the J6 rally. She responds to that in this clip:

Fifteen percent hadn’t decided almost to the last minute.

The Sentinel has no idea who people should choose. We don’t like to weigh in on primaries unless it’s our home state of commie NY.

In the SP&R poll, Oz is at 28%, Barnette is at 27%, and McCormick is at 11%. Two other polls have McCormick at 26% and 22% and the 11% seems like an outlier.

However, the SP&R’s poll reports that among voters who made up their minds in the last few days, 45% lean to Barnette. SP&R doesn’t say how many people made up their minds in the last few days, but they do say she has mojo. Trafalgar has a different result.

In two other recent polls via RealClearPolitics, it’s a dead heat and a lively three-way race with McCormick losing steam.

Trafalgar has Oz in the lead in their final poll

Final Emerson poll for Pennsylvania Senat race:


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