Phony feminazi movement – ‘Reclaim the Streets’ – might use actors


Reclaim the Streets also known as RTS, is “a collective with a shared ideal of community ownership of public spaces,” says Wikipedia. They are a non-violent resistance movement to globalization, capitalism, cars, and progress. RTS has popped up all over the world.

They stage events to block streets, pedestrians, drivers, even buses. They stage colorful, loud events in the streets and sometimes set up autonomous zones.

At one such London event, an alleged protester named Patsy Stevenson made the police the target.

“I was arrested by police for standing there, I wasn’t doing anything.. they threw me to the floor.. I’m 5ft 2″ and I weigh nothing.. they arrested me in cuffs, dragged me away, surrounded by like 10 police officers.. What should we do now? Bigger protests!”

She’s now out banging the drum for the mob to show up at another event.


It turns out she appears to be an actor, a crisis actor. Some of these movements, like Occupy Wall Street, were caught hiring crisis actors in the beginning, and here we go again. They’re always communist or anti-capitalist movements. Occupy was putting out ads for actors, and got caught.

Things are never what they seem with these movements. They’re a fraud meant to take down society.

Looks like the same gal and she has the same name:

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