Police State: Walk Down the Street in Ottawa at the Cost of Your Freedom


We’re sick of what’s happening in our streets so leave our area.. And we won’t be allowing people to come down for the unlawful activities of engaging in demonstrations..(We are) ready to use methods people are not used to seeing in the capital.

~ Steve Bell, Ottawa Police Chief

The interim police chief of Ottawa, fascist Steve Bell, said that effective immediately no Canadian citizen will be permitted to access, enter or walk lawfully in the downtown Ottawa area.

Bell said that people wanting to walk down the street in a demonstration will not be tolerated. “Walking down the street” peacefully with a sign? Does he realize what he’s saying?

The unlawful activity of peaceful protest walking down the street in a demonstration?

There are reports that reporters or anyone taking photos will also suffer the same consequences.

He has made 170 arrests so far.

“100 police checkpoints have been established,” Bell said, and citizens are being questioned about the reason for their travel.  Additionally, within his current authority as the regional guard for government, he has been authorized to offer “safe passage” out of the area for any current protestor or dissident supporter.  However, if people do not exit the area within this current window of amnesty, the safety of the remaining citizens cannot be guaranteed as heavily armed tactical operations begin.

Anyone who was involved in the protest will be hunted the people down for months.  It’s J6 redux only there was no violence, no riot in Canada. It was a peaceful protest. J6 was mostly a peaceful protest and many were imprisoned for simply parading around.

The police chief lied and said he hadn’t seen a video that showed police brutality. He also lied and said the elderly woman who was knocked down by the officer on horseback threw a bike at the horse. Now he doesn’t know what happened.

No matter what, they will find you.

He will keep escalating.

They already started to destroy the peaceful protesters.

Some people in Ottawa will not recoil.

People in Calgary are marching:

Huge protest in Quebec:

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