Poll Shows Roy Moore Up by 7 Points


A GOP-leaning poll has Roy Moore up against challenger Doug Jones by more than 7 points. Among Alabama voters, 46.7 percent are backing Moore, while 39.6 percent are supporting Jones. Almost 14 percent of voters are undecided, according to a poll conducted by Sky Research.

The poll leans GOP and that could be slanting the results.

Of the 1,059 respondents, 62.3 percent identified as Republican and 37.7 identified as Democrat. That probably reflects the way people vote in Alabama however.

One woman named Leigh Korfman claimed nearly forty years ago that Roy Moore attempted to seduce her when she was 14 years of age and he was 32. She has a shaky past. That was the most significant claim against him.

At the same time, Al Franken and John Conyers are wrapped up in sexual harassment scandals. As long as they’re in Congress, why should Moore be treated differently?

All of the allegations against Conyers and Franken have some degree of substantiation but there is no substantiation against Moore yet except for a questionable yearbook.

Mitch McConnell insists Moore, if elected by the people of Alabama, will never serve a day. What gives him that right?

John McCain, who was facing some sexual/pay-to-play allegations himself in 2008, said in a statement, “The allegations against Roy Moore are deeply disturbing and disqualifying. He should immediately step aside and allow the people of Alabama to elect a candidate they can be proud of.”

He didn’t.

Allegations are not proof especially when we know Democrats are desperate to win Alabama and stop the Trump agenda.

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