Pope Francis Pushes Climate Change at Council of Cardinals


Pope Francis

Red Francis, who grew up with liberation theology flourishing around him, has made combatting climate change a priority in his 41st meeting with his Council of Cardinals this week.

It’s on the cardinals’ agenda for the three days of meetings, along with the war in Ukraine, and the role of women in the Church, according to a Vatican press release.

The Pope and cardinals focused particularly on preparing for the COP27 United Nations Climate Change Conference. It will be held in Egypt in November.

“Can we, as a Church, along with other denominations and religions, give a voice to these concerns?” was the question put forward for discussion.

Since his installation in 2013, Pope Francis has made battling climate change number one.

He is the first Pope to issue an encyclical letter (Laudato Si) devoted entirely to the environment.

Francis issued a series of warnings prior to the COP26 climate conference, in which he called climate change “one of the great moral issues of our time.”

Moral? Not buying into the extreme climate change dogma of the Left is immoral? We’re killing babies here in the US.

It’s not a moral issue and he should concentrate on becoming a religious leader. Popes should stay out of politics. Climate change has become political. The climate was hijacked by the hard-left. What do you think?

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