Powerful statement from Donald J Trump on 1-6


This is the strongest statement yet from the former president about the January 6 riot/trespass/rally.



  1. Had to copy to the evil browser and it was worth it.
    Does Trump sound defeatist or like he is giving up?
    They (CPUSA) must move quickly with this partisan committee and forge the official narrative.
    Official narrative is best narrative, war is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength.

  2. While Pelosi will die before she is brought to justice. History will she her as the Scum of the Earth along with most of the Democrats of the Last 30 years.

  3. In the briefing this morning feckless McCarthy called January 6th an “insurrection”.

    Trump should make a statement Condemning McCarthy and state he isn’t worthy of being a Speaker in the future.

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