President Makes Dramatic Changes to Asylum, Sends a Powerful Warning


The invasion at our border is not about one or two or more caravans, it’s about open borders. Thousands of people try to sneak into the country every year, actually thousands try every month. Democrats won’t even agree with the President on something as simple as protecting our national security and enforcing our laws. He has to proceed without them.

For political reasons, the left constantly conflates legal and illegal immigration. The same people will even say immigrants commit fewer crimes than citizens, but they are again conflating legal and illegal immigration.

The USA takes at least a million people into the country each year. The President has said he wants a merit-based immigration system but he has never said or done anything against legal immigration.

The President is taking the invasion of our borders into his own hands by using the laws available to him.


The President spoke brilliantly Thursday, explaining that everyone is abusing the immigration system and it must stop.

There will no longer be ‘catch-and-release’, only ‘catch’. Illegal entrants will be held — together if they are family units — in tent cities.

Any persons who request asylum but don’t show up at our ports of entry will be denied.

He talked about the influx of drugs into our nation. Almost 100 percent of heroin, 90 percent of cocaine, and most meth and fentanyl come through our southern border. We lose the equivalent of an entire city of people each year and the problem is growing, he told the press. We never had a drug problem like this.

Human trafficking is at its worst in the history of the world.

There are more caravans forming and people keep coming in illegally on a daily basis and it’s getting worse.

Once here, Democrats plan to offer them free healthcare, free welfare, and even the right to vote. The burden will be on citizens. It’s costing us billions and billions a year.

The President is forming a plan to end the abuse of our asylum system. Under the plan, illegal aliens will not get a free pass using meritless asylum claims. They will be held for a long time. In some cases, asylum claims take three-and-a-half years and these phony claims are preventing real asylum cases from being heard.

The President said we will build tent cities for the illegal aliens.


He noted that many in the caravan have refused Mexico’s encouragement to stay. That alone makes any “asylum” request at US border very questionable, given the meaning of asylum under the law.

He called on Congress to stop the open borders policies and he blamed the Democrats for what is going on.

If we are strong at the border, the illegals will stop coming, he said, but it will take time.


Some of the migrants are very violent and have hurt Mexican police as they tore through the barriers. They threw rocks, bombs, and some had guns. These are very tough people if they can plow through Mexican federal police. He told the military to treat rocks as if they are rifles.

“Anybody throwing stones, rocks, like they did to Mexico and the Mexican military, Mexican police, where they badly hurt police and soldiers of Mexico, we will consider that a firearm,” Trump said.


“Illegal immigration affects the lives of all Americans,” he said.

The President said, I’ll take “every lawful action” at my disposal to “end rampant abuse of the asylum system’.


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5 years ago

I agree with the President on all levels. This cancer invading our borders must be stopped.

herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
5 years ago

Excellent pro-American speech, well done sir.

John Vieira
John Vieira
5 years ago

About time somebody stood up for the USA, the Republic. Should the left have their ‘druthers’ and Hillary “disband” the Electoral College as she , Obama, the D.N.C. and significant others are working on, the Republic WILL be no more….

5 years ago

Thank You, President Trump for being a real American that loves the people and the laws of our great nation! We love you, Sir!