President makes his first remarks about Roger Stone, addresses the issue of a pardon


President Trump on Thursday addressed the sentencing of Roger Stone, a case he is watching very closely. He believes Roger “has a very good chance of exoneration.”

“I’m following this very closely, and I want to see it play out to its fullest because Roger has a very good chance of exoneration in my opinion,” Trump said during remarks at a prisoner graduation event in Las Vegas.

“I’m not going to do anything in terms of the great powers bestowed upon a president of the United States. I want the process to play out,” Trump added. “I think that’s the best thing to do. Because I’d love to see Roger exonerated, and I’d love to see it happen because I personally believe he was treated very unfairly.”

A federal judge sentenced Stone on Thursday to 40 months in prison for “lying to Congress and witness tampering.”

“I’ve known Roger and his wife, who’s a really terrific woman, for a long time. Roger is definitely a character,” Trump said.

“Everybody knows him, and most people like him, some people probably don’t, but I do and always have,” he added. “He’s a smart guy, he’s a little different, but he’s a good person. His family is fantastic – and there’s always a reason for that.”

Trump slammed the forewoman of the jury who was recently exposed as an “anti-Trump activist.” She is “totally tainted,” he said.

Trump asked, “How can you have a person like this?”

The President joked for a moment with the audience and then said this [forewoman] is a woman who appears to be an activist and very anti-Trump. Her comments on her social media account “were unbelievable,” he said.


Adam Schiff appears to be looking for the President to pardon Stone so he can start up another impeachment inquiry. For now, that hope is dashed.

Schiff tweeted, “Roger Stone was found guilty of lying to Congress and threatening a witness. He did it to cover up for Trump. His sentence is justified. It should go without saying, but to pardon Stone when his crimes were committed to protect Trump would be a breathtaking act of corruption.”

Schiff has no evidence to support the comments he made in that tweet — none.

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