Bolton explains what would have happened had he testified


Former national security adviser John Bolton appeared with Susan Rice at Vanderbilt University on Wednesday, according to the Associated Press. He told her and the audience that if he testified, President Trump would have been acquitted.

Bolton refused to testify in the impeachment trial unless he was subpoenaed by the Senate, even after excerpts from his book were leaked during the trial.

He said it wouldn’t have mattered. The results would have been the same. In addition, he said the House made it so partisan that Republicans couldn’t vote for impeachment.

“People can argue about what I should have said and what I should have done,” Bolton said at the event. “I would bet you a dollar right here and now, my testimony would have made no difference to the ultimate outcome.”

NBC News correspondent Geoff Bennett tweeted, “John Bolton, speaking tonight at Vanderbilt University, says he didn’t expect the majority of senators to vote against him testifying in Trump’s Senate impeachment trial. But, he says, “my testimony would have made no difference to the ultimate outcome.””

Bennett further quoted Bolton as saying, “I think the House committed impeachment malpractice. They made a mess of it. The process drove Republicans who might have voted for impeachment away” because “it was so partisan.””


Susan Rice argued that she found it “inconceivable” that “if I had firsthand knowledge of a gross abuse of presidential power that I would withhold my testimony from a constitutional accountability process.”

Bolton countered by saying that he has refused to speak out on his own because he feared the “implied threat of criminal prosecution” for sharing what could be deemed classified information.

Bolton’s upcoming book will allegedly contain details about President Donald Trump and his pressure campaign in Ukraine. Bolton, allegedly, personally witnessed Trump ordering military aid to Ukraine be withheld until that country announced an investigation into his potential 2020 rival, Joe Biden. That’s based on a leak to the unreliable fake news outlet, the NY Times.

Trump admits the Bidens were in the equation, along with corruption in the DNC, and corruption in general. Why wouldn’t he ask for the Bidens to be looked at — we have a tape of Biden admitting it?

“I’ve done the best I could in difficult circumstances,” Bolton said. “I sleep at night because I have followed my conscience.”

The bottom line is if it wouldn’t have made a difference then Bolton had nothing impeachable to reveal.

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