President obliges composer of YMCA & does his own little dance to it


Far-left musicians threaten President Trump with lawsuits every time he uses their songs, but one composer won’t sue. Victor Willis of the Village People says Trump is welcome to continue using “YMCA” at his re-election rallies but he thinks he should at least do the dance.

’YMCA’ is everybody’s anthem and go-to song for fun. As for the president’s use, I have not granted permission for use at his rallies because permission is not required,” Willis told Bloomberg News through a spokesman.

“If I were a Trump hater maybe I’d sue him simply out of spite,” Willis said. “I am not, and I’m not going to have my lawyers sue the president. But he should at least do the ‘YMCA’ dance while he’s at it.”

Trump also plays “Macho Man” when he leaves the stage, since the Rolling Stones threatened to sue him if he plays the song he used to play, “You can’t always get what you want.”

These musicians look so small-minded when they ban Trump from using their songs.

The President obliged Mr. Willis and did his own little dance to the song:



  1. Some much needed “levity”….Let the corrupt Fourth Estate, the enemy of the people, their handlers and nauseating “adjuncts” have a field day trying to outdo each others’ “spin” on this…

  2. KC & The Sunshine band is my fave of the 70s disco. The Village People are shall we say not playing for the hetero team so that is a feather in the Trumpsters cap as well.
    Plus it makes those other bands look petty in comparison when they should be happy that people are still interested after all these years.

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