Cuomo’s Parole Board to Free Yet Another Cop Killer


Governor Andrew Cuomo’s parole board, he’s picked 14 of the 16 members, is planning to release yet another cop killer, perhaps as soon as September 30th.

In 1985, Perry Bellamy got $5,000 from a drug lord to set up the execution of 34-year-old Parole Officer Brian Rooney, by luring him to a park in South Jamaica.  It was there a drive-by hit squad killed him with 5 shots.

“It’s despicable and it’s heartbreaking,” Alan Reiter, 74, Rooney’s ex-partner, told The Post. “I can’t imagine his assigned parole officer wanting to even supervise him.”

The board refused to share it’s reasoning for the release.  Inquiring minds may want to know, especially because this continues a stunning pattern of them springing some of the most heinous criminals.

Last month it sprang Samuel Ayala, the ringleader of three men who beat, raped and fatally shot two mothers, in front of their kids, in a 1977 home invasion in Westchester. Several of the now-grown children, denied their right to testify before the board because of the pandemic, are demanding a new hearing.

Before that, Cuomo’s people, are on record as having freed an almost unbelievable 14 cop killers over the last three years

We wonder if King Andrew, Slayer of the Elderly, will have a chapter in his upcoming self-congratulatory book, devoted to the absolute madness discussed above.

Not likely.



  1. Ever thought that they are “springing” them to USE them…for their own nefarious purposes..e.g. reinforcements for Burn, Loot Murder and the antifa “Brown Shirts”/Red Guards…

  2. I used to be able to come up with some kind of rationale to explain some practices but we’ve entered a time of bizarre circumstances. I can only assume we have leaders that truly hate and despise mankind. In order for a person to have that frame of mind they certainly must lack any respect for themselves. To compensate, a person would exaggerate their own importance. It cannot be anything but a form of evil personified. Has there ever been a time when a lack of concern for your fellow man was so prevalent. One would have thought the repercussions of a no-bail policy would have legislators scrambling to correct the problem. Who would have thought leaders could be so brazen as to institute policies that weren’t only detrimental to society, but also deadly. I daresay even Putin wouldn’t stoop to such a level on such a scale.

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