President retweets video of antifa organizer paying off ‘protesters’


An Ohio rioter, I mean protester, was busted on video directing attacks and paying rioters, I mean protesters, for their services. The anarchist’s name is being reported but I can’t verify that is his name so I won’t print it here.

The President is going to designate Antifa as a terrorist group. That would allow the DOJ to go after them and cut off the funding.

He can be seen in this clip organizing riots, I mean protests, and paying the participants. This is not grassroots. There are grassroots protesters but they were drowned out by the far-left lunatics who want to fundamentally transform the nation.

White liberals/leftists are destroying black neighborhoods and riling up teens and twenty-somethings.

Meanwhile, these evil people are destroying livelihoods.

There is a GoFundMe for him.



  1. A middleman for Lil’ Georgie Sorrows.
    Hmm…I wonder what esteemed party member comrade Billy Ayers is up to right about now.

    • Just giving you a ‘thumbs up’ Kettenkrad! Geo (Swartz) Sorass due date w/the Almighty is an absolute @ the Great Wht Throne!

  2. Looks like blacks taking orders–and money–from white masters, ensuring black “privilege” never manifests.

  3. The “Soros lackey paying off the black guy is ‘typical of the Master/Slave agenda, that Soros follows as he continued to try to destroy America, as he’s done for Years.” This pos, should be arrested for fomenting violence thru his ‘dummy philanthropic outlets, that are Merely “Laundering Money to give to the Rioters/Looters/Destroyers of America”……Soros was Also involved with Ferguson and the other cities as his “puppet, Obama tried to START the Race War, and told the rioters/looters/ to

    The Globalists’/Elitists like Soros/Obama/Hillary/etal. want a “One World Order” wherein THEY become America’s RULING CLASS and we American Citizens are reduced to their Peons.” This, is why Obama shredded our Constitution on a daily basis, as “It protects American Citizens from Gov’t oppression and insures OUR RIGHTS”……He hated our White Founding Fathers and called the Constitution …Old, and Outdated. Really?? They left a RULING PARTY in England to start this New Nation that Guaranteed the Citizens Freedom AND Independence. Something Obama, with HIS Marxist Agenda wants to take away, and almost DID in his 8 yr.dictatorship….but then ALONG CAME TRUMP, and won by WE THE PEOPLE, who Knew, that “D.C. IS A CESSPOOL OF CORRUPTION AND TRUMP NEEDED TO DRAIN THAT SWAMP”

    Obama is STILL interfering with American and POTUS Trump, as he and Soros, etal. are Under-
    mining his Presidency and THIS REPUBLIC….they are TREASONOUS-AS THEY TRIED TO TAKE AWAY THIS REPUBLIC AND ACTED LIKE AMERICA’S ENEMIES…WHICH THEY ARE and belong in Gitmo w/other Terrorists of their same agenda.

  4. White liberals are destroying property and businesses in black communities to ruin employment opportunities for blacks. Pres. Trump’s policies resulted in the lowest unemployment numbers for them in more than 50 years. They don’t want that for blacks bc it means Trump successfully helped them.

  5. I would like to see our military kicking communist ass right now. And a lot of it. Fellow Americans. Ammo up. Set out your neighborhood watch, and take no prisoners. Antifa is disposable. We are a great nation with multitudes of great people. Stop feeding anarchists. Welfare is not a gift of love, it is a gift of bondage.

  6. @ itsjo,

    It has been said that Putin put an arrest warrant for nation wrecker Soros but online it says he only banned certain branches of the Open Society from operating in Russia.
    I first heard of him just before sobama was (s)elected reading an article stating that he would make sure that the Chicago Jesus Messiah got elected.

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