Rush talks with Charlamagne tha god, white privilege comes up


You might ask yourself why would The Breakfast Club speak to someone who’s historical views differ from our people’s views and what The Breakfast Club represents? Because they believe that the dialogue must be opened beyond “who we know or who we talk to every morning,” the website states.

The interview opens up with a POWERFUL statement from DJ Envy:

“We are fed up, we’re angry hurt and tired. The country is wounded. The phrase ‘I Cant’ Breath’ is embedded in our minds forever. The inhumane treatment and senseless murder of George Floyd has to be the final straw.”

Rush steps into the interview by stating that it is his “honor” to appear on The Breakfast Club and immediately delves in the George Floyd story which he says has sickened him.


It sickens me what happened to him. Legitimate national outrage about a policeman’s criminal brutality has been hijacked and I don’t want to forget about George Floyd. What happened to George Floyd sickened me and I wanted to reach out and tell you all this. I want to make sure you have no doubt and I’m not the only American who feels this way. The senselessness of it. We’re only given one life, we’re not given a do-over…George had his taken away from him.”

Rush goes on to say that he believes most Americans are as angry, sad, and frustrated as he is and he, therefore, wanted to share the emotion with The Breakfast Club.

Charlamagne tha God brought up the racist construct of White privilege. He said ti is — what happened to George Floyd and it would not have happened to a white man.

Rush Limbaugh responded, If what happened to George Floyd had happened to a white man, we probably wouldn’t even have heard about it.

The question they have for Rush is, How are you going to use your white privilege as a white male?

Limbaugh said I don’t buy the notion of “white privilege.” That’s a liberal political construct.

That is driving the twitter nutjobs out of their minds.

It’s true that it is one of the lies the white liberals/leftists have gone on about for years. It’s racist. Most of us whites aren’t privileged. I worked very hard to survive and do fairly well. No one gave me a thing I didn’t earn. I never once felt privileged. Black have suffered from prejudice in jobs, but in education, I know we looked for blacks so they could role model but we could rarely find any.

The Full Interview:

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