President Trump Might Not Have Ever Considered Firing Mueller


An hysterical media reaction to a New York Times article claiming President Trump ordered the firing of Special Counsel Robert Mueller stood in stark contrast to the muted reaction to CBS’s report that President Trump never “ordered” the firing. As it turns out, Trump might have never even considered it.


Marc Short said Sunday he doesn’t remember the President ever even “intimating” he wanted to fire Mueller. “I’m not aware of the president ever intimating that he wanted to fire Robert Mueller. Let’s keep in mind a couple things,” Short said.

“Robert Mueller is still the special counsel. Don McGahn is still head of White House counsel office. Taxpayers have spent millions and millions of dollars on investigations that have not proven any collusion thus far with Russia.”

Short is White House Director of Legislative Affairs and Deputy Assistant to the President but not involved in discussions about the investigation.

In addition to reminding the audience that no action has been taken, he said the White House is cooperating “in every manner, providing any document that the special counsel has asked for.”

He continued: “I’m not familiar in any conversation I’ve had with the president ever intimating he wanted to fire Robert Mueller.”

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