President Trump responds to Biden’s choice of Kamala as his running mate


President Trump responded to Joe Biden’s selection of Kamala Harris as his running mate. He called them Sleepy Joe and Phony Kamala.

As the video suggests, Kamala embraced Bernie’s plan for unsustainable socialized medicine. The video also notes that Joe “ain’t that smart” and called him a “transition candidate.”

Kamala and Joe “embraced the radical left,” according to the video, and Joe will hand the reigns to Kamala. She is the unelected president if Biden wins.

How will Kamala Harris explain her beliefs about the woman who accused Biden of rape? She will likely say not that she spoke with Joe, she realizes he wouldn’t do such a thing.

This truly is beyond parody:

Politico made the announcement on July 29th and then retracted it. Their journalistic ethics are not great.

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