Kamala Harris Told by Former Lover Not to Take VP Nomination


Kamala Harris was told by her former lover to “politely decline” an offer to be Joe Biden’s running mate.

Kamala Harris had an affair with former California Assemblyman and San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown while he was still married. He is 30 years older than Harris.

Harris used their relationship to advance her career in a case of reverse “Me Too.” Brown appointed Harris to several boards to which she was wholly unqualified.

Willie Brown indicated that the position of Vice President would be a dead end for Harris. He cited George H.W. Bush and Al Gore as examples. He went so far as to suggest that the position of U.S. Attorney General would be better suited to her.

Now, decades after Brown gave Harris preferential treatment during their sexual relationship, he is still giving her advice to further her political career.

Harris spent seven years as San Francisco’s district attorney and six years California’s Attorney General. It’s her record as the state’s attorney general that may cause her some problems during the campaign. Her record of prosecuting cases when evidence or witnesses were tampered with may give you pause.

Spirited sparring between Harris and Biden’s during the presidential debates may come back to haunt her, too. Harris scolded Biden for his record on race relations and opposition to busing integration.

Ultimately, Harris checks off a lot of Biden’s VP requirements. She’s a first generation American of African and Jamaican parents. She’s from California, although that’s not such a big deal. Any Democrat could win California in November.

Harris was a high profile figure in California politics before winning her Senate seat in 2017. She married attorney Douglas Emhoff in 2014. Her husband is Jewish. And white.

Harris is sure to come under severe scrutiny in the last few months leading up to the November election. She has a lot to be worried about.

But she should be more worried about the unpredictable presidential candidate who selected her as his VP running mate. Maybe she should have taken her former paramour’s advice.

Image from: foxnews.com

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