President Trump won’t keep the government shut down much longer


President Trump is signaling that he will not keep the government shut down much longer. On Monday, Reuters reported that President Donald Trump said he is considering on how best to reopen the U.S. economy when a 15-day shutdown ends next week.

“America will again and soon be open for business,” Trump told a White House news conference. “We are not going to let it turn into a long-lasting financial problem.”

Trump issued guidelines a week ago that he said aimed to slow the spread of the disease over 15 days, including curbing unnecessary travel. In the meantime, economic activity has ground to a halt in some states.

Jobs are being lost and there is a sharp drop in the stock markets. Reuters also said he is “facing a tough re-election battle.”

With who, Joe?

Trump told reporters it was possible to resume economic activity in states with what he said were relatively low rates of infection, citing Nebraska, Idaho, and Iowa as examples, while continuing to work on the hot zones in other states like New York.

“If it were up to the doctors, they’d say let’s shut down the entire world,” said Trump.

That’s a good point. The President has been balancing the doctors against the destruction of our way of life.

Trump didn’t say he would reopen the U.S. economy when a 15-day shutdown ends next week. It’s still a day by day, week by week evaluation.

The President is clear that he will not allow this to go on for months. We won’t have an economy left if it goes on for months. Starvation and depression can cause a lot more deaths. If the economy does collapse, we have enough socialists and communists in this country to immediately replace capitalism with their evil societal and financial agenda. It is what they have yearned to put in place.

The President will be blamed for any deaths and governors will do whatever they want. Andrew Cuomo, governor of New York, sees this as his launch into the White House, as a Joe Biden replacement when he crashes and burns.

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