President Zelensky Calls on African Nations to Join His War with Russia


Ukraine wants African nations to go to war with Ukraine. The Foreign Minister called for African nations “not to stay neutral” in the war with the Russian Federation following “devastating” missile strikes across the country on Monday.

“This morning, the Russian Federation started massive missile strikes across Ukraine,” wrote Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba, who has been on a relationship-building tour of African capitals, in an official Message to African Nations.

“Cruise missiles and ‘kamikaze’ drones launched from Russia and Belarus have targeted residential areas, power stations, railways, trade centers, and bridges in Kyiv, Odesa, Dnipro, Kharkiv, Rivne, Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk, and other cities,” Kuleba reported.

“Russia launched its terror campaign during the morning rush hour when people were coming to work, and children were going to school,” alleging that the rival state’s “aim was to cause the utmost death and destruction among civilians.”

“Under such devastating circumstances, I took the decision to interrupt my Africa tour and return immediately to Ukraine,”  he added, calling on “all African nations to stand by international law, territorial integrity and peace” and urging “Africa not to stay neutral” in the face of an attack on “the fundamental principles of humanity.”

“Africa’s support is needed now more than ever,” referencing an upcoming vote in the United Nations on Russia’s recent move to annex Russian-backed separatist republics in the Donbas and two other regions following questionable referendums.


Rep. Paul Gosar said, NO MORE Foreign Aid, especially not to fund a war in which we should have NO involvement. “Biden and his crime family may owe Zelensky, but America doesn’t owe him a damn thing.”

Jordan Schachtel weighed in. “What did the Zelensky regime think was going to happen when they decided to bomb a major bridge? Expanding the battlefield goes both ways. As always, it’s time for peace, not escalation.”

“Ukrainian officials spent the last couple days slam dunking the bombing of the Crimea bridge. Now they’re shocked & appalled Russia knocked out their electric grid. Kiev is baiting Moscow into further escalation. They want WW3, bc it means NATO intervention. Peace must prevail.

“Sadly, the biggest threat to the Ukrainian people right now is their own government, which is using them as cannon fodder to attempt to ignite a greater conflict” Schachtel continued.

“The delusion that Kiev can defeat Russia or retake Crimea is a huge part of the problem. That delusion is being fueled in part by outside powers happy to facilitate a proxy war from afar. Start the process of getting along with ur more powerful neighbor. There is no alternative.”

He also tweeted a spoiler alert that Zelensky wants more of our money and weapons.

The Ukrainians spiked the ball with birthday messages to Putin and stamps with the bridge burning up. The other problem is that Ukraine directed the attack on the Crimean bridge at civilians.

Michael Tracey asked, “When do Americans get to make a judgement as to whether the effect of US policy on this conflict has been “de-escalatory,” which is what US policy-makers claimed was the intended effect.” He linked to the article of Belarus joining the war on Russia’s side.

Steve Cortes tweeted, “We’re sending tens of billions of dollars that we don’t have, plus risking a nuclear conflict…for these self-obsessed morons like Luke Skywalker & Hollywood Zelensky?” He linked to the Mediaite article about Mark Hamill’s moment of self-glorification at Zelensky’s invitation to become ambassador to the “Army of Drones.”

These people think it’s a game or a Hollywood production. Everything Zelensky does is to escalate into a world war. If that happens, it will go nuclear.

Matt Gaetz tweeted, “Maintaining Ukraine as an international money laundering Mecca isn’t worth this.” He linked to a tweet by Elon Musk warning, “Nuclear war probability is rising rapidly.”

On the other side, Michael McFaul wants to know what else people would like President Zelensky to do.

#ZelenskyWarCriminal is trending. Jonah Goldberg responded, “Amazing how the #ZelenskyWarCriminal is trending because Russia is butt hurt over a blown up bridge, when Russia’s been blowing up schools, hospitals, and apartment complexes since February.”

Others say the hashtag comes from Russian bots.

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Harrison Pendleton
Harrison Pendleton
5 months ago

well looky here, isn’ that rich. Zelensky the race-hater and vile neo-nazi azov hate groups and ethnic cleanser who ‘so many’ Americans have sided with is now pleading Africans to join him so that he can also exterminate the Africans, such is his hate for ethnic people even in his own country. After all, it’s the main reason why the crooked simp and longtime KKK associate Joe Biden aligned himself with Zelensky from the start. And wasn’t it the homely elitist “Prince” William who announced in public a few years back that the African people on that continent must be exterminated because “they are a drag” on the environment.

5 months ago

If Ukraine was winning the war, President Zelensky wouldn’t be calling for a NATO (Nuclear) First Strike or Africans to get into the War! The bottom line of this war is that the Ukraine Government, put in power by the Obama/Biden CIA, were all but Waging War on people of Russian Descent in Ukraine. That added to the US Biological Warfare Labs and the International Money laundering hosted by the Corrupt CIA installed Government, well it finally got to the point Putin and Russia had had enough.

Last edited 5 months ago by GuvGeek
The Prisoner
The Prisoner
5 months ago

Whoever this goose stepper McFaul is, if he were not an idiot he would know that Z should not have violated the multiple neutrality agreements. Violating neutrality is a hostile act.

5 months ago

Actually it is according to “International Law”. Kosovo operation by NATO put this into motion.

Goldberg would be better informed if he’d get his head out of his butt. Talk to those residents of Mariupol and other residents of Donetsk and learn who has been consistently targeting civilians. It has been Ukraine that has been committing war crimes for the past eight years. It was their National Guard, aka Azov, that deliberately targeting hospitals, schools, apartments and individuals. In one case a large multistory school was demolished after a number of rockets. It was the only damage in the area. Even the playground equipment next to it was left undamaged.

We have to question whether Zelensky is relying solely on the West about Ukraine’s outcome of success, since they are relying on Western Intelligence. Maybe they should heed Lindsey Graham’s words when he wants Ukraine to fight to the last man. The West is so obsessed with Russia, especially Putin, they could care less about the citizens of that country. Of course this goes back to the 90’s when Western “capitalists” went into Russia in an attempt to control most of the Russian economy. Bill Browder was the epitome of those times. Putin put an end to that and has made Russia better off, year after year. That is the reason the sanctions by the West has had little affect.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
5 months ago
Reply to  Greg

Goldberg has to be one of those Intel funded reporters, similar to the over 300 exposed by the Church committee in the 70s. He should identify for us the civilian targets Russia has supposedly hit. His motive is greed. His product is soft disinformation. His tactic is cherry picking. He is one of those people who masqueraded as a conservative patriot for years, such as Kristol, Will, Krauthammer, Hume …