President Zelenskyy Pleads with Canada for a No-Fly Zone – Video


Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy described the disastrous situation in Ukraine to the Canadian House of Commons today, appealing to their humanitarian sympathies. Zelenskyy spoke of the horrendous war crimes he says are taking place. He talked about the deaths of children and the destruction of the country’s infrastructure. He was leading up to a call for closing his air space. He wants a no-fly zone.

Canada is a NATO country and if they did make that move, it would bring NATO directly into the war with Russia, a nuclear nation tied closely to China, Iran, and North Korea.

President Zelenskyy is a powerful speaker and drew a very long-standing ovation from Canadian lawmakers including Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Cable news is also pushing war and their guests are almost exclusively doing the same. In a recent Trafalgar poll, over 45% of Americans are not confident the Biden administration can keep Russia from expanding its territory.

The media is also pushing NATO-member Poland to send MiGs.

Russia’s biggest concern is that NATO is pushing in on its territory. They will see it as an act of war. If NATO gets involved, World War III with nuclear weapons is a very real possibility.

He admits he will likely never be able to join NATO.

Watch one of the two clips:

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Canadian Friend
Canadian Friend
1 year ago

Why the hell does he ask Canada?

Canada is a not a big military power,

Canada has a budget about 100 times smaller than that of the USA

Canada is 5000 miles away from Ukraine while other NATO nations are right there a few mils away

And if Canada was to try and enforce a no fly zone and Russia kicked Canada s ass, who would have to get involved? the USA

I really don t understand why Ukraine is asking Canada

There is something behind that, an ulterior motive or some shady plan…

Will There Be Anything Left
Will There Be Anything Left
1 year ago

Shouldn’t Zelensky be back at home defending the glorious motherland and indispensable A number one American ally Ukraine?
What’s with all these VIP’s flying in and out of a warzone?
These same people who think that you can flip the switch on an economy, think that we’ll go back to normal after WWIII but only if they offer the solution, with some strings attached.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 year ago

A no fly zone would be very messy, with lots of losses on all sides. I am reading that Ukraine air bases were all destroyed, there is no good place to land there. Zelenskyy seems to be a great reset student. If so, he has zero credibility. I am using 2 y’s in his name because I suppose our fine author found a correct spelling.

1 year ago

Does Zelensky want to just increase the body count to garner sympathy from nations in order to get NATO to escalate. It sure almost sounds that way.

1 year ago

Just like the infamous Bill Browder and his lies caused US – Russian relations to deteriorate with subsequent sanctions based on Browder’s lies. We can postulate the latest deterioration may possibly be centered around the “Trump – Russia” hysteria. It was hyped by nearly all media outlets and resulted in even more sanctions. We can imagine how Russia and Putin have been demonized by those who may profit by it in some way, whether financially or politically. Many have warned this day would come, and it has, with a vengeance.