‘The Atlantic Is to Ukraine What Weekly Standard Was to Iraq’


Portland, not Ukraine

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy urged Russian troops to surrender saying “we will treat you as humans have to be treated, with dignity,” in his latest address. Airstrikes hit Kyiv early on Tuesday morning as peace talks between top negotiators from the Russian and Ukrainian governments are expected to resume later in the day. The UN says over 2.8M people have fled Ukraine since Russia began its invasion of the country.

That’s Zelensky’s position and tomorrow he’ll ask for help. Some of what he wants will bring us directly into the war with Russia.

The Atlantic is calling for the US to go to war with Russia to fight for Ukraine’s borders and sovereignty. They haven’t called for the US to protect its own borders.

The publication is calling for NATO to embrace the war with Ukraine.

Elliot Cohen, a Professor at Johns Hopkins, writes in The Atlantic:

But perhaps the most pernicious note here was the hand-wringing over escalation. On the face of it, that is an absurd notion. Javelins kill Russian soldiers. Stingers kill Russian pilots and soldiers. A MiG-29 is just one more weapon that would kill Russian pilots and soldiers. And having already hinted that the United States would supply more sophisticated surface-to-air weapons to Ukraine, the notion that transferring fighter planes would escalate the conflict is simply preposterous.

The American fear of escalation has been a repeated note throughout this conflict. But to the extent American leaders express that sentiment, or spread such notions to receptive reporters, they make matters worse, giving the Russians a psychological edge. The Russians can (and do) threaten to ratchet things up, knowing that the West will respond with increased anxiety rather than reciprocal menace. We have yet to see, for example, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin telling the world what a wretched hand the Russians are playing militarily, and how superior ours is—a message he is particularly fit to deliver.

As for the nuclear question: We should not signal to the Russians that they have a trump card they can always play to stop us from doing pretty much anything. Nuclear weapons are why the United States should refrain from attacking Russia directly, not why it should fear fighting Russians in a country they invaded. Only a few years ago, the United States Air Force killed Russian Wagner mercenaries by the hundreds in Syria; American and Russian pilots tangled in the skies over Korea and possibly Vietnam. Nuclear deterrence cuts both ways, and the Russian leadership knows it. Vladimir Putin and those around him are ill-informed but not mad, and the use of nuclear weapons would threaten their very survival.

Live free or die is for the US, not Ukraine.

When the Ukrainians are willing to spill their blood, seemingly without limit, in a wholly admirable cause, American hesitation is heartbreaking. New Hampshire license plates bear the state motto live free or die, attributed to the Revolutionary War General John Stark. The Ukrainians are acting on that belief, which previous generations of Americans acted upon as well.

The Atlantic wants Americans to spill blood for a corrupt state that borders Russia while we have imbeciles and liars running our government, as well as unsustainable debt. We would go up against Russia, possibly China, North Korea, and Iran.

Standing strong against Russia is important but have we tried everything? The EU has, we haven’t. The US is inching us towards full-blown war after this administration showed us what we can do in Afghanistan.

Jake Sullivan is now talking about WMDs that Russia is going to potentially use. He has not presented evidence. Is this Iraq 2.0?

This is Portland, not Ukraine.


Meanwhile, while you’re looking at the shiny object, we are losing our country. You won’t like what it becomes. Crime waves are hitting our major cities, anonymous people are pouring across by the millions from all over the world with fentanyl and sex traffickers, and our economy is sinking.

Our economy is in serious trouble and the middle class is shrinking.

Current real inflation is more than 15% across the board, if you use the CPI methodology we were using in the 70’s and 80’s.  Both the scale and the speed of the current price increases are historic. The price increases on highly consumable goods are in the 15 to 20% range

We won’t protect our citizens in the US but we’ll shed blood in Ukraine:

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