President’s fierce response to NY Times hit piece from anonymous source(s)


A piece from the NY Times accuses Russians of placing bounties on the heads of American soldiers. The White House denies knowing anything about it. Rep. Liz Cheney wants more information proving they didn’t know. Can they prove a negative/

The New York Times reported Friday that U.S. intelligence officials concluded earlier this year that a Russian military unit covertly tried to offer rewards to Taliban-linked militants for killing coalition forces in Afghanistan. That allegedly included U.S. troops.

The U.S. intelligence apparatus has known for months about the alleged efforts of the Russian military intelligence unit. That’s according to the Times. They cited anonymous officials briefed on the matter. The report also noted that intel officials briefed Trump during an interagency meeting in March. A number of responses were discussed. However, they claimed, the White House has not authorized any, according to the Times.

One must wonder if this is one of John Bolton’s delusions.

The White House and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence pushed back on the Times report in separate statements on Saturday. In a tweet shared Sunday, Trump also fiercely denied receiving an intelligence briefing on Russian bounties.

The President called the NY Times “fake news,” and it often is as we have reported here. He questioned whether the person even exists.


He has been tough on Russia and noted it, comparing himself to the weakness of Obama and Biden. He could have also mentioned Biden’s complete subservience to China. President Trump said, “It’s probably just another phony Times hit job, just like their failed Russia hoax.” The President would like to know “their source.”

He didn’t let up on Biden:

Trump’s supporters also didn’t let up and made note of Joe using the “n” word in derogatory fashion years ago:

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