Presidents Ranked: The Elderly Man with a Poor Memory Is #14


Multiple polls have been released today that rank the presidents of the United States. The “experts” who conducted these surveys are from universities and the Presidential Greatness Project Expert Survey of 2024.

They are major gaslighting polls that all parrot one another, so we only included two. Trump comes in last or almost last in all of them, and Biden falls between #14 and #19.

Some might argue that these experts are biased and not in touch with reality.

Joe Biden is started wars, has open borders, he withdrew recklessly from Afghanistan, and is spending us into oblivion. The experts don’t see these things as an issue.

One recent survey by a panel of “experts” specializing in the American presidency ranked President Biden as the 14th-best president.

Meanwhile, former President Trump, expected to run for president in 2024, was ranked at the bottom of the list. The 2024 Presidential Greatness Project Expert Survey was conducted between November 15th and December 31st.

It included current and recent members of the Presidents and Executive Politics Section of the American Political Science Association.

According to the survey, Trump received the lowest ranking, placing him at 45th. This puts him below James Buchanan at 44th, Andrew Johnson at 43rd, Franklin Pierce at 42nd, and William Henry Harrison at 41st.

“Proponents of the Biden presidency have strong arguments in their arsenal, but his high placement within the top 15 suggests a powerful anti-Trump factor at work,” said Rottinghaus and Vaughn in a guest essay for the Los Angeles Times. “So far, Biden’s record does not include the military victories or institutional expansion that have typically driven higher rankings, and a family scandal such as the one involving his son Hunter normally diminishes a president’s ranking.

“Biden’s most important achievements may be that he rescued the presidency from Trump, resumed a more traditional style of presidential leadership, and is gearing up to keep the office out of his predecessor’s hands this fall.”

They like him because he isn’t Donald Trump and will get rid of him for them.

Where do I start with this? Biden’s leadership is traditional? Biden and his allies are keeping the office out of Trump’s hands with mail-in balloting, ballot harvesting, changing election laws, securing outsized funding, militating media against Trump, and hiding Hunter’s laptop.


Biden is #19

According to Siena, “It’s always difficult to accurately rate a president who is still in office, but historians like Biden for his integrity, ability to compromise, and his executive and court appointments. However, he scores lower in his relationship with Congress and ability to communicate.”

Where do you begin? Does Biden have integrity? Siena’s experts like his far-left executive and court appointments.

That’s all you need to know.

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