Press secretary swats off the gotcha questions, stuns the media into silence


Press secretary Kayleigh McEnany swats off the gotcha questions masterfully in the segment below. Do watch the end of the second clip to watch Kayleigh leave the media stunned into silence.

The press has slammed the President over the past 24 hours for assuming he has the legal authority to designate Antifa as a terror organization. They claim that he hasn’t done the same with white supremacist organizations. Those complaints comprised two of the questions.

She cited the section of the law and how it works as a prosecutorial method. She gave an example. Ms. McEnany also explained that this same method has been used against white supremacists.

Another reporter wanted to know how the President would identify Antifa members. She said that is more of a question for the DOJ.

The press secretary ended with the defacing of the Lincoln Memorial and how that hardly honors George Floyd.

Slammed! The media has their best gotcha people on it and she handles them with aplomb.


Go to 19:34 and watch the wonderful dramatic ending that left the media stunned into silence:

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