Of 92,000 Americans who died from COV-19, 75,000 were in Democrat congressional districts


Pew Research finds that the coronavirus death toll is heavily concentrated in Democratic congressional districts. They report that “the death toll has been concentrated in just a few places – mostly large metropolitan areas, especially the New York City area.” Another 10% of Democrat congressional districts account for half of the U.S. deaths.

“Of the 44 hardest-hit congressional districts – the top 10% in terms of deaths – 41 are represented by Democrats, while three are represented by Republicans. These include the New York-area districts, as well as those in the Boston, Detroit, and New Orleans metropolitan areas.”

The Sentinel has found that one of the biggest problems was Governor Cuomo demanding coronavirus patients be placed with the most vulnerable population in nursing homes. Letting people ride the subway without masks until MIT told them it was a problem, was a mistake. Telling people to live their lives normally until May 9 and go to Chinese restaurants or you’re a racist was a mistake.

Pew notes that it hit areas with minorities hard. Doctors locally told me they find Blacks and Hispanics were hit hard. Many Hispanics didn’t want to seek help and most of the minorities were overweight or had diabetes or another underlying condition. That’s only anecdotal of course and this needs to be looked at closely.

As of last week, “nearly a quarter of all the deaths in the United States attributed to the coronavirus have been in just 12 congressional districts – all located in New York City and represented by Democrats in Congress. Of the more than 92,000 Americans who had died of COVID-19 as of May 20 (the date that the data in this analysis was collected), nearly 75,000 were in Democratic congressional districts.”

The decline in cases is more rapid in Democrat districts than in Republican districts, however. [The change in elderly sick to nursing homes reflected an immediate decrease.]

Dense areas are the hardest hit, which shouldn’t come as a surprise, but we have those dense areas in other states.

New York is run by Andrew Cuomo and Bill de Blasio but they say they’re doing a great job.

Vote Republican, save lives!

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