Pro-criminal, anti-police Governor Pritzker was robbed


The worst governor in America has just been robbed by two black males. Perhaps there is justice.

Pritzker Ended Cash Bail

Bill O’Reilly briefly explains in this clip that when Governor Pritzker ended cash bail, he made it easier for criminals to kill you.

Criminals Are In Charge

For two years, Illinois Democrat Gov. J.B. Pritzker has bypassed the appointee process for the Illinois Prisoner Review Board (PRB) to fill it with his hand-picked appointees, Breitbart reported.

One of the newest board members is a man convicted of a double homicide. During this timeframe, Pritzker’s PRB has released several prisoners–many of whom are now fugitives after violating the terms of their release. Republicans in the state legislature are demanding answers and accountability.

Technically speaking, after a governor nominates someone to a PRB position in Illinois, it kicks off a 60-day confirmation clock. But what Pritzker keeps doing to circumvent normal procedure is appointing people, then withdrawing their nominations before the state can vote on them, then reappointing the same people, which resets the 60-day clock. Illinois Senate Republicans are calling for a committee hearing to hold the Board accountable.

State Sen. Jason Plummer (R-Edwardsville) calls it the “Springfield shuffle.”

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